EfVET organised the Thematic Teams Seminar 2022 in Lyon

EfVET organised the Thematic Teams Seminar 2022 in Lyon

EfVET organised the Thematic Teams Seminar 2022 which took place from May 3 to 5, 2022 in Lyon, France.

The event was hosted by SEPR (Société d’Enseignement Professionnel du Rhône) and attended by more than 130 VET practitioners mostly from the European Union and Western Balkans countries.

The seminar was conceived to boost the collaboration among the Thematic Teams, giving them the possibility to experiment new formats of collaboration and learn from each other.

Established in 2018 with the main purpose of becoming a “think tank”, opinion leader, a point of reference for VET in specific fields, the different Thematic Teams gathered together after almost four years to seek new synergies, promote innovation and business opportunities among them and look ahead to the future challenges in VET.

Members of all Thematic Teams, namely Internationalisation & Learning Mobility, Industry and Technology 4.0 in VET, Entrepreneurial Learning, Tourism, Sustainability through VET, Technology Enhanced Learning, and Inclusive Vocational Excellence, organised working activities, presented success stories and held workshops aimed at generating new synergies among them.

During the 3 days, 130 participants coming from 22 different countries were involved in different workshops, presentations of good practices, visits of companies and local stakeholders, and networking activities.

More specifically, two parallel working sessions were held every day – one in the morning and one in the afternoon – plus additional field visits were organised in relevant organisations in Lyon. Keynote speakers also intervened to give some inspirational insights.

Many were the topics covered throughout the event: Entrepreneurial Learning, Internationalisation, Social Inclusion, Technology Enhanced Learning, Industry and Technology 4.0 in VET, Sustainability, Tourism, with many speakers from all across Europe.

The seminar was a real success and we take the opportunity to thank SEPR for hosting the seminar and all people who contributed to its outcome!

The Full Agenda of the Seminar is available at this link.

For more information please visit www.efvet.org/seminar-2022/



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