EfVET stands by the Ukrainian people

EfVET stands by the Ukrainian people

The European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EfVET) stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. The brutal and unprovoked invasion by the Russian army violates international law and is against the Russian constitution art. 10 on the prohibition of propaganda of war and of Russia’s criminal code, art.353, initiation of war.

EfVET MEMBERS stand united in their condemnation of the aggressor and the decision by the President of Russia to attack the core values of a democratic, free and sovereign European State.  

In EfVET’s network we have members, partners and cooperation in both Russia and Ukraine who are deeply concerned about their life, their families and loved ones and their security. It is our resolve to intensify our efforts for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Europe. We will continue to support every effort to build a nonviolent environment that respects the peaceful coexistence of peoples.

From all over Europe and the world, we hear the voices of nation states, associations, non-governmental organisations, colleges and civil society groups calling for peace and territorial integrity.

As the world came together to fight a cruel pandemic, we are once again called upon to unify our efforts and defend the principles of democracy, freedom and sovereignty. We pray for Thousands of military personnel and civilians who have died or who suffer from the brutal and unprovoked attacks. We support every effort from the free world to impose harsh economic sanctions that can cripple the scandalous war industry.

EfVET members call upon all EU Members States as well as our European neighbours, to

  • spare no efforts to work for peace, to encourage the parties to negotiate a peaceful settlement through diplomacy and the immediate withdrawal of troops from Ukraine;
  • protect, as much as possible, the lives of millions of innocent civilians (older persons, workers, students and children) who are ultimately the losers of violence.

Last but not least, as European and global citizens, we call upon all our education and training stakeholders and partners to support the defence of democracy and self-determination.

At this tragic moment, we will continue to keep the people of Ukraine in our hearts and hope that Europe will never again experience the tragedy of another war on its soil. In T. S. Eliot words: War is not a life: it is a situation, one which may neither be ignored nor accepted.”

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