Election of Executive Officers

Call for nominations for EfVET Executive Officers – September 2014

In line with the regulations set out in the EfVET Constitution, I hereby give notice that the current holders of 2 Executive officer roles will have served their period of Office in September 2014

The 2 Officer posts are:
President for 2 years
Treasurer for 2 years

The Steering Committee is, therefore, seeking nominations from members to fulfil these posts.
Eligibility:  All current ‘fully paid up’ institutions, organisations or individual members of EfVET are welcome to nominate individuals from their respective organisations and are considered eligible to participate in the Election of Officers.  Members can nominate themselves or other representatives.

July/ August 2014.   
Call for nominations for the Election of Officers to be communicated to members – this will be done through National representatives and Boards; direct mailing to members and via the website.
By 3rd Septembre 2014
Nominees are requested to complete the nomination form attached and provide a brief profile and submit the completed form to the Secretary by September (see nomination form).  Ideally, but not compulsory – the nomination should be seconded by another member. A member can nominate themselves.
Election 8th September 2014 at Steering Committee
The Steering committee of EfVET will, in accordance with the Constitution, undertake the Election of Officers.  Voting will be on the basis of majority vote.  Any nominees from within the Steering Group will be excluded from this voting process.

NOTE:  Closing date for receipt of Nominations will be 3rd  September 2014

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage members to participate in this process – an ideal opportunity to invigorate and contribute to the long term future development of EfVET as your network and voice in Europe.

Warm regards to you all

Yours sincerely
Peter Hodgson
President, EfVET

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