ELEVET – Electrical Engineers Vocational Education Transparency

Electrical engineers vocational education transparency (ELEVET) is a European project coordinated by the Association of Polish Electricians (SEP). SEP is the largest Polish creative organization of a scientific and technical kind uniting electrical engineers of all specialties and people whose professional activity is connected with vastly understood electrical engineering from electronics to power engineering.
The general objective of ELEVET is to improve the mobility of the young professionals through the creation of a European system of recognition and transfer of the learning outcomes of VET in the civil and industrial construction sector.

At the end of the project tangible outcomes will be available, mostly measurable in a progressive reform of the present VET recognition of titles between Member States.
This general impact will produce visible effects, such as:

a) improved mobility of the professionals of the electrical engineering sector, with opening up of new markets for them and easier international cooperation. This will be possible thanks to the mutual recognition of credits and learning outcomes
b) the CV of the target group will become more attractive and modern thus facilitating the access to the labour market, thanks to the insertion of a professional path strongly rooted on modern soft skills
c) a certain number of VET schools, at medium term, will have reformed their courses and offer by taking into account the learning outcomes proposed by the new framework
d) the ECVET credits will be tightly connected with ECTS. In this way a harmonised lifelong learning path for electrical engineers, linking university and VET will be proposed in Europe

EfVET is one of the partners within ELEVET and responsible for the dissemination of project results and outcomes as well as for the communication of project results to a European wide audience of decision makers and stakeholders.

Website : www.elevet.sep.com.pl

E-mail: office.elevet@sep.com.pl

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