Emerald Forest

Website: www.emerald-forest.eu

Coordinator: Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences

Contact Details: Liga Tuca

Starting / Ending Date: 01.10.2010. – 30.09.2012.

Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Project
“Teacher Training to Improve Attractiveness and Quality of Management Education through the Simulation Tool ”
Emerald Forest”

Summary: MST-EF project aims at transferring and adapting the management simulation tool “Emerald Forest” to the project partnerinstitutions in order to improve the management training and make it more relevant and attractive. Students in professional education on HE level or on VET level have to do with management aspects in a broad sense. Learning by doing is being practised in a management simulation tool called Emerald Forest (MST-EF) in which students cooperate in groups, are invited to accept the management task of running their own company to learn how to manage various aspects and tasks.
MST-EF is a virtual totally internet-based simulation that can be played as a game with groups of students with different assignments on different levels, with students from different countries.
The language is English, and students learn to take all kind of management decisions, do the marketing and the promotion of the company, learn about financial management, deal with ethics, social and community aspects, and are being tested in difficult situations such as unexpected fire or a flood, and they have to apply their creativity. MST-EF which is developed in NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands, will be adapted and transferred through teacher training to 5 other institutions which plan to apply the tool with various levels of professional education including professional development of people in labour market.
Objectives of the project are:
• the transfer of MST-EF by the Dutch partner NHTV;
• to adapt to the local situations and apply MST-EF in partnerinstitutions in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria and Germany;
• to improve the tool with experiences and assignments from the partner countries and users;
• to develop and test a teacher training module and to train teachers
• to develop exploitation plan for application of the tool in the management training.

Email: liga.tuca@va.lv

Founding Agency: State Educational Development Agency, Latvia

NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences
Kaunas University of Applied Sciences
Tallinn University of Technology
St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo
European Educative Projects

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