Empowering Digital Citizenship

Empowering Digital Citizenship through Media Literacy & Critical Thinking Young people today use the internet to explore, connect, create and learn in ways never imagined. Young people are particularly vulnerable to both these aspects and are caught in the digital media skills gap – access to media has grown faster than the ability of our education systems to teach its responsible use.

The consequences of such a vacuum are very concerning in light of the challenges posed to social cohesion by our country’s growing immigrant communities and changing attitudes to multiculturalism. For these reasons, EMPOWER is designed with a clear objective: significantly improve young people’s ability to critically assess the online and social media content they consume and create, empowering them to become responsible, confident digital citizens.

First kick-off: Kristianstad, Sweden

The first kick-off of EMPOWER project meeting a took place on the 12th of October in Kristianstad, Sweden. Special attention was paid to output 1. These good practices will promote peer learning by identifying and showcasing innovative, creative and participative approaches to developing media literacy and critical thinking in vocational education and training. These might for example show initiatives that; use the potential of culture and arts, intercultural approaches, school media productions, whole schools’ initiatives, linkages with journalists etc.

The good practice catalogue will discuss, showcase and recommend more effective ways of imparting complex ideas around media literacy for citizenship for students and young people. The catalogue, to be gathered by all partners, will enrich everyone’s understanding and help partners

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