Empowering SAAM Leaders: A Journey of Success and Inspiration

From the 6th to the 10th of November 2023, the SAAM consortium gathered in the enchanting city of Bilbao, Spain, for one of the final meetings of this transformative project. The purpose? To create a space for networking and training as we chart the course for future projects beyond SAAM, SAAM Leaders meeting.

SAAM’s initial goal was to facilitate the mobility of VET students from African countries to European destinations, and what a remarkable success it turned out to be! The path was fraught with challenges, from repeated visa rejections to moments of waiting and lost flights. However, in the end, it evolved into an incredible and inspiring journey.

The culmination of this achievement was celebrated during a public event in Bilbao on November 9th. Alfredo Garmendia (Centro San Viator) and Quique Miana (Mundus) took the stage to recount the inception of the idea, the pivotal decision to apply, and the thoughtful selection of project participants. The event was nothing short of magical, featuring engaging roundtable discussions where various partners, including three students, shared their perspectives. Among them were students from Kenya, Malawi, and Bilbao, each offering insights into their unique experiences. The adaptation process for those arriving and the transformative impact on students from San Viator were discussed, creating a dynamic exchange of ideas.

The event was a tapestry of emotions, with laughter, smiles, and even a few tears. Projects like SAAM serve as powerful reminders of the significant impact we can have on people worldwide. They underscore the truth that a single opportunity has the potential to change someone’s life. The enriching experience left us with a profound understanding of our collective capacity to make a positive difference in the lives of others around the globe. As we bid farewell to SAAM, we eagerly anticipate the opportunities that lie ahead, confident that the leaders trained during this project will continue to inspire hope and drive positive change in the world.

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