entre-coach – Coaching Skills for Teachers and Trainers

Website: www.entre-coach.eu

Coordinator: Norton Radstock College

Contact Details: Marny Thompson

Starting / Ending Date: October 2010 – September 2012

Coaching skills for teachers to foster Entrepreneurship Innovative entrepreneurship is vital to both enterprises and countries that need to transform new ideas rapidly into commercial success in order to maintain growth, competitiveness and jobs. Small businesses account for 99% of Europe’s companies and approximately two-thirds of employment. Most training organisations need to assist their teachers and trainers to acquire the necessary skills to foster entrepreneurship and innovation amongst their students; teachers also have to learn how to deal with the changing global marketplace and to ‘think outside the box’ Coaching skills are a useful method of engagement and retention and excellent professional development for the teachers and trainers. Two courses will be created; course 1 is the entre-coach teacher course, where 12 entre-coach teachers will be taught coaching, innovation and entrepreneurial skills (the train-the-trainer course); course 2 will be delivered as a pilot in 4 countries, creating 40 entre-coaches, who will have better knowledge of the skills needed in fostering future entrepreneurs and will also be able to transfer these skills within their organisation, with the aim to coach existing or new business people and budding entrepreneurs. Objectives of the project The overall objectives of this project are to increase the skills and competences of teachers and trainers involved in fostering entrepreneurship. Two projects are being transferred: ‘Guiding from School to Work’ and ‘MINT – Innovation Management’. The piloted course 2, the entre-coach role description and course curriculum will be available to other teachers and trainers, and other countries, to enable the entre-coach role to be further developed.

Email: marny.thompson@nortcoll.ac.uk

Founding Agency: ecosys

Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri (ES)
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (FI)
Bildingsmarkt vulkan (DE)
EuroContact Business School (HU)
WORK-LAN Bizkala (ES)
GWE Business West (UK)
Swiss Occidental Leonardo (CH)

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