Entrecom 4 all: improving entrepreneurial skills

A platform for young entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs and teachers to find Open Educational Resources to improve their entrepreneurial skills.

CECE (Spain)

The EntreCom4All tool is a multilingual social and semantic software web portal where the learning needs of young entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs and intermediaries like teachers meet the most effective Open Educational Resources (OERs). The tool scours OERs available in different open repositories as well as resources found via online social networks to find courses that help build entrepreneurial competences for free.

The tool will make a Skills Framework Analysis available to help any entrepreneur identify the most important skills they need based on the EntreComp framework. An adaptive semantic and social open education web portal will then list courses that are freely available based on entrepreneurship learning scenarios. This tool intends to promote entrepreneurship as a key competence that can boost competitiveness and growth, through an innovative pedagogy and assessment and recommendation approach, based on OERs.

The EntreCom4All tool will support learning needs related to entrepreneurship competences in different learning scenarios for the following target groups:

  • Young entrepreneurs in training programmes offered via networks and institutions, and students in formal courses of higher education such as degree programmes in business and entrepreneurship
  • Female entrepreneurs, and those running entrepreneurial training programmes
  • Teachers, trainers and intermediaries specialising in running mentoring and coaching programmes to support entrepreneurs in a company and also offering engaging competitions in entrepreneurship.

The EntreComp (Entrepreneurship Competences model created by the European Commission) conceptual model is made up of two main dimensions: the 3 competence areas that directly mirror the definition of entrepreneurship as the ability to turn ideas into action that generate value for someone other than oneself; and the 15 competences that, together, make up the building blocks of the entrepreneurship as a competence for all citizens.

By producing a common definition of what entrepreneurship as a competence is, the EntreComp aims to establish a bridge between the worlds of education and work and to be taken as a reference de facto by any initiative which aims to foster entrepreneurial learning.

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