E360 is a project initiated by the OECD in cooperation with the former EAC unit on skills and qualifications (the current unit EMPL E2). The project aimed at developing an assessment tool for schools and VET (similar to what already exists in HE).

This is for the time being what exists on the site :

Possible future developments could be :

1.    online guidance on entrepreneurship education in VET schools
2.    develop a guidance framework for policy makers
3.    support entrepreneurship through entrepreneurial mind sets
4.    improve SME’s workforce skills through a follow-up of E360
5.    bringing SMEs closer to VET
6.    draft guidelines for business start ups
7.    organise workshops with stakeholders
8.    dissemination of best practices
9.    guidance notes for management support
10.  identify barriers

In addition Unit EMPL/E2 is working to a competence frameworks on entrepreneurship which should be ready before the summer.  We will share that as soon as possible with you too.

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