Erasmus+ KA 1 VET Accreditation and activities in KA2 projects

Insignare: between the Erasmus+ KA 1 VET Accreditation and activities in KA2 projects
INSIGNARE receives new Erasmus+ KA 1 VET Accreditation 2021-2027 and prepares 50 students to go to their Erasmus+ WBL period throughout Europe 

INSIGNARE, a non-profit organisation located in the centre of Portugal, owner of Ourém Vocational School and Fátima Hospitality School, has been awarded with the Erasmus+ KA 1 VET Accreditation 2021-2027. Its application received very good marks, which recognises the quality and experience of its KA 1 VET learners and teachers/staff outgoing processes and WBL. 

Even before those results, it was already under preparation this years’ periods of Erasmus+ internships: around 50 students will have their 60 and 90 days WBL in several cities in Spain, Italy and Germany, which will be held from May to July. Participants are informed in detail about the advantages that this unique experience will bring them; what requirements they must fulfil; and all operational aspects to be guaranteed before and during and after their stay in the several European cities where they will stay. 

These experiences are remarkable in their personal and professional path, but they have several associated responsibilities, which must be known and respected.     

KA 2 VET partnership “Mobiliteach – In-depth sectoral specialisation of VET teachers” members get together virtually 

On April 8th the partners of Erasmus+ KA 2 VET “Mobiliteach – In-depth sectoral specialisation of VET teachers” met virtually, in order to prepare the second training for teachers, trainers and staff, to be held next July. The training will last four days and will gather participants from Albania, Greece, Italy, Germany, and Portugal (INSIGNARE) to work collaboratively in cross disciplinarity areas, innovative pedagogic methodologies, and international mobility. The daily sessions will be a mix of theoretical approaches, sharing best practices, and workshops with experts. 

More information can be found in 

Online activities gather more than 70 international students online for Erasmus+ KA 2 “Universal Values of Human Dignity” 

60 students from Italy, Portugal (INSIGNARE’s Fátima Hospitality School) Romania, Spain and Turkey participated in a virtual meeting of the Erasmus+ partnership “Universal Values of Human Dignity”. Through an online platform, they presented their country, city and school, and shared their vision on various topics covered by the project – Human Rights, European Charter of Fundamental Rights, Immigration and Refugee Welcoming, Religious Freedom, Cultural Freedom and Gender Inequality. 

Due to the pandemic, international project activities have to take place at a distance, but everyone is eager to get to know each other in person and work together. 

More details are available on the project website 


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