Erasmus+ project on Modernisation of teaching methods successfully implemented

Erasmus+ project “Modernisation of teaching methods based on EU experience” successfully implemented

Thirty vocational teachers from Marijampolė, Jonava, and Tauragė VET schools (Lithuania) have improved their professional competencies, which have deepened their knowledge of vocational training in four EU countries, thus improving their performance by training and educating future professionals, helping them to gain employment and raising the prestige and attractiveness of the VET schools. In their lessons the teachers apply knowledge that they got during they internship in Europe.

VET schools teachers learned how professions of cooks, waiters, car mechanics, decorators/builders, IT technologies are taught in Italy, Germany, Finland, and Spain. They learned about new or more interesting teaching methods, which they would implement in their own methodology. For example, teachers of IT were surprised with the high culture of IT teaching in Finland, how teachers trust their students with using modern expensive equipment. Teachers of car mechanics had the opportunity to get to know more about a dual vocational training programme in Germany. As they said, employment prospects for students who have completed a dual vocational training programme are excellent.

With rapidly changing technologies and increasing globalization, it is very important for the professional teacher to go hand in hand with the most modern achievements, to know innovation, training and education trends. VET schools teachers have prepared guidelines that help to improve their teaching methods or technologies in line with European experiences.



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