Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter for Liceul Tehnologic “Francisc Neuman” Arad-Romania

Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter for Liceul Tehnologic “Francisc Neuman” Arad-Romania

Liceul Tehnologic “Francisc Neuman” Arad is a technical school founded in 1948 with 455 students in secondary school, preparing them for a globalised European labour market in the domains: textiles, services, aesthetics for high school, professional school and professional dual school; 273 students in gymnasium and primary school.

Our students live in Arad city and county and have an average social status or low economic background. Their families show low interest in their education, that is why children choose a profile that offers them a future job. A large number commute daily to school. In primary school and gymnasium, a high percent of students belongs to the Roma minority. Our school offers a multicultural, inclusive learning environment and provides diverse compulsory and extracurricular activities in order to motivate learners and prevent school failure.

There are 57 teachers who all work in a school actively involved in European collaborations and projects since 2003 on the topics: career guidance, inclusion, use of ICT, VET mobilities for teachers and students, culture, learning practices a.o. to gain experience from international cooperation and open education, to create a learner-friendly environment, encouraging teachers to use their skills and competences in effective and useful ways.

Teachers use strategies to prevent school failure and exclusion, diverse educational resources in order to align with EU trends in education.

Training programs helped us:

– use digital tools and e-learning platforms: Padlet, Mentimeter, Kahoot, Edmodo, Moodle, Geogebra, Linoit a.o.;
– take MOOC courses (e.g.on European Schoolnet or Teacher Academy etc.);
– being promoters and members of European project teams, Scientix ambassador; working collaboratively in eTwinning projects.

The European dimension of our school is given by its Internationalisation Strategy and the award of VET Mobility Charter in 2016. From that moment on, in our school started the series of VET projects “Learning to be 1, 2, 3, 4”.

The benefits of the VET Mobility Charter are as follows:

  1. For students:
  • participation in practical training courses in a foreign country
  • active involvement in the labour market
  • development of the skills acquired at school
  • use of digital devices/equipments at work
  • the opportunity to learn foreign languages
  • improvement of communication skills
  • practicing teamwork
  • stimulating creativity and competition in the future job
  • awareness on the concept of European citizen
  1. For teachers:
  • use of new methods for teaching technical disciplines; using career guidance methods
  • participation in job shadowing
  • active monitoring students during the internship period
  • focusing on practical activities
  • exchanging good practices with colleagues from European countries
  • supporting technological and dual education
  1. For local community/economy:
  • promoting the Arad city in countries from European Union
  • qualified and efficient workers
  • creating private businesses
  • sustainable economic development
  • increasing the standard of living

Not at least, fulfilling the need of each student to make a proper career choice knowing his own abilities, talents, needs, values, interests; to become interdisciplinary thinkers who analytically and creatively embrace new ideas having different perspectives; to build a bridge between the world of education and the world of work. VET projects are promoted on the school website and the school Facebook page.

As a result of permanent involvement in European projects, the school is open to new initiatives of collaboration, dialogue with other schools or training providers in order to develop an organisational culture based on EU values.
Attached a flyer of all projects implemented by Liceul Tehnologic Francisc Neuman Arad in the period 2006-2020

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