Esprominho participated in online meetings of LSFO and Butterfly projects

Esprominho participated in online meetings of international projects LSFO and Butterfly

Esprominho participated in the project online meetings: LSFO in the week of 10 to 14 May and Butterfly, on 28 May 2021. The COVID-19 era has changed the way students exchange ideas, cultures and traditions with other countries, but it has not changed the will to do, the desire to let something happen.

Esprominho is a Portuguese school that participates in international projects providing its students with unique experiences, where they get to know new cultures, traditions, people and languages. In this era of COVID-19 many projects were stopped, and others were reinvented. Recently, we have continued projects that we were part of, through online meetings, such as the projects LSFO and Butterfly.

The Erasmus+ Project LSFO – Let’s Salvage from Oblivion (N.208-2-PL01-KA229-051216_4) should have taken place in presence in Bulgaria, but due to COVID-19, the week from 10 to 14 May took place via online. The project, which aims to foster respect for the cultural heritage of their own region and appreciate the value of European cultural heritage, results from the partnership of Portugal, Poland and Bulgaria. The first mobility took place in Portugal, in person, in October 2019. Although Bulgaria’s presentation about its traditions was online, those involved loved the socialising and the opportunity to get to know the cultural heritage of our Bulgarian friends.

Esprominho also had the opportunity to participate in another international project online, the Butterfly Effect to Math with Stem (N.2020-1-LT01-KA229-077854_6) from Erasmus+. This project involves Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey, Croatia and Romania, and its main goal is to prepare students to develop problem solving skills and correlate these problems with mathematics knowledge in practical situations, using project-based learning within Stem (Science, Technology, Mathematics, Engineering). This way, the first meeting (28 May 2021) was online in order for the participants to get to know the countries involved in the project better; it started with Lithuania. There is hope that the rest of the project will continue in presence.

We walk in this digital transition, which allows us to maintain international projects and contact with the rest of Europe. Soon we will meet again in face-to-face.


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