Esprominho started a new challenging project called “The Power of Wisdom”

Esprominho started a new challenging project called “The Power of Wisdom”

In the framework of the Erasmus+ program, Esprominho between has accepted to be a partner in another challenging project which will enable all the schools involved to create opportunities for active learning and to think, in the widest sense, about new methods, strategies and pedagogical approaches that would support them in engaging students in learning.

The main objectives of the project, called The Power of Wisdom – 2019-1-LT01-KA229-060728_3, are to use Information Technology to increase the efficiency and quality of education process, to change teaching / learning practice to make the use of information technology in the educational process meaningful, to disseminate existing experiences in the field of digital technologies and new knowledge and skills.

Five schools from Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Greece, and Portugal are the partners of this project. The variety of digital tools and platforms used during the project will improve learning outcomes and increase students’ motivation.

The project will enable teachers from partner countries to gain more practice and experience and use new innovative methods of teaching in their classrooms.

Started in November with the kick-off meeting held in Ligatne (Latvia), it will continue with a short-term activity with students involved take place in Braga (Portugal).

During the first meeting, many workshops were carried out as a way of enhancing the use of digital tools as a complement to action and motivation of students within the classroom: Kahoot, Actionbound, Quizizz, Padlet tools, Spiderweb, Popplet Lite, Toontastic 3D, MIRO (Realtimebord) and Uzdevumi.lz.

These digital tools foster an appropriate interaction, as well as, complementary to teaching/learning. As the technological elements are already part of the students social and cultural experience, it is necessary to consider the advantages of the applications respecting the pedagogical project of each school, but raising the approximation of the students’ reality. This project aims to break the walls of the classroom and open up to the languages and practices of the contemporary world. It will be up to the partners, to guide students on the use of information technologies.

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