Esprominho’s First International Projects in Adult Education

Esprominho’s First International Projects in Adult Education

The Vocational Training School of Minho – Esprominho – premiered its international mobility in the area of Adult Education, with the project Happy Learning Moments, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. The mobility took place from 13 to 19 July, in Marín – Spain, involving 5 students and 2 trainers.

The activities of this mobility, by Esprominho, were organised together with its partners from Youth Neet Solutions NGO, and took place in the City of Marín, in Spain. This was the first time that Esprominho sent five students from the Adult Education and Training Courses to participate in an International Project mobility, in this case, in the Happy Learning Moments Project. The week of activities took place between 13 and 19 July and included the participation of the trainee Maria Azevedo, from the Clothing Modelling class, Joana Pedras and João Bastos, from the Hairdressing class, Diana Ferreira, from the Beauty class and Marta Silva from the Education class.

The Happy Learning Moments project aims to improve the professional skills of the teaching staff, to provide adult learners, with fewer opportunities, with internships and international mobility and to foster autonomy, motivation, responsibility, teamwork and money management in our students. It also aims to improve teaching practices and learning outcomes, the personal, social and professional development of adult learners, the attractiveness of courses for disadvantaged adults, the promotion of social inclusion, as well as integrating non-formal education practices and adding greater recognition of informal learning.

This week of activities was a first which resulted in a real success. The adult students returned with a greater cultural baggage, they were able to learn more about the culture of Galicia, its gastronomy, traditions and fantastic places. This was the 1st mobility of many that will happen throughout the year, because Esprominho gives the opportunity to its students and trainers of any age!



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