EU VET Week 2017

EfVET one year more is involved in the preparation and realization of the VET Skills Week 2017 which takes place in Brussels from 20-24 November 2017. The week will include a Vocational Educating Training Day, an enterprise-education summit to mark the completion of the European Pact 4 Youth, and a colorful closing event including an award ceremony.

The European Commission will work with all its partners, including EU agencies CEDEFOP and the European Training Foundation, to make the Second European Vocational Skills Week even more successful than the first one.



The webpage: Vocational skills week 2017 includes an electronic registration system for national, regional or local events/activities that we can showcase on a map. This will give you visibility and you are at liberty to use the visual identity for theEuropeanVocationalSkillsWeek.

Discover what will happen during the VET Week in 2017


EfVET with members was also  involved in the preparation and realization of the VET Skills Week in 2016, which took place in Brussels from 5-9 December 2016. Around 1400 participants joined the workshops,conference and other events in Brussels. At national level, Spain, Italy and other European countries organised the most events during the week. The Award ceremony was organised at the closing event and included a company and apprentices award in the context of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships, and the most innovative provider of vocational and education training

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