EUCIS-LLL launches Manifesto for 2014 elections

The 2014 European elections will provide the right momentum to think about the future of learning in Europe. The current economic and social crisis gave a new impetus to deeper cooperation in education and training with a high focus on growth and employment while at the same time austerity measures have weakened our educational systems. EUCIS-LLL believes that a sustainable investment should be made in learning as essential for our social model, in line with their prioritization at EU level. Poor access to lifelong learning limits people’s ability to access quality jobs and participate fully in society. We need a vision to ensure our education and training systems deliver better for economic development, social and civic participation, personal fulfilment and well-being. EUCIS-LLL calls MEPs to consider three top priorities and a set of 12 policy recommendations for lifelong learning in its Manifesto “Building together the future of Learning”.

The Manifesto will be officially launched and discussed by MEPs during ourLifelong Learning Week 2013 in a roundtable in the European Parliament on 3 December (9h30 – 13h00). See draft programme and register before 25 November here.

Ensure Accessible and Quality Learning for All

Encourage pedagogic innovation by putting the learner at the centre. Support enhanced learning experiences and new learning solutions such as e-learning, distance learning and open educational resources.

Reflect upon quality, tailored-made assessment and evaluation mechanisms that better reflect the competences acquired during the learning process.

Advocate to improve teachers, facilitators and trainers’ initial and continuous training as well as their working conditions; offer a better societal recognition of their role, as well as that of other members of the educating community.

Support a wider use of European transparency tools and the setting up by 2018 of national validation mechanisms for non-formal and informal learning to foster flexible learning pathways and facilitate access to the labour market.

Invest in the Social Dimension of Education and Training

Recognize the role played by non-formal and informal learning for active inclusion and social cohesion. Fight against the marginalization of vulnerable groups and promote intercultural dialogue and tolerance.

Defend the idea that learning mobility should be the rule and not the exception and ensure every one can access programmes regardless of their socio-economic and cultural background.

Promote the acquisition of basic skills, in particular foreign language skills, as the lack of such skills hinders citizens’ chances of finding a job and participating in society. Refer to the European Key Competences Framework as a basic framework for all educational sectors.

Strengthen and coordinate guidance services from the earliest age, as the learner’s compass to find the best tailored-made learning opportunities at all levels (national, regional, EU).

III. Bring the EU Closer to its Citizens

Give priority to European civic education to ensure all citizens have a basic understanding about the EU and its common values.

Contribute to the debate about the revision of the governance of EU cooperation in Education and Training (ET2020, Open Method of Coordination; European Semester) and strengthen the engagement of civil society.

Acknowledge the role played by European organisations in education and training by implementing an open, transparent and regular dialogue with representative associations and civil society (article 11 TUE). Set up an Intergroup on Lifelong Learning at the European Parliament.

Reinitiate the impulse on the setting up of a European Statute for the European Association, giving institutional recognition to the engagement and to the activism of millions of citizens.

Download the Manifesto in PDF

If you are an MEP or a candidate support the Manifesto!

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  If you are a practioner, teacher, educator, students or simply someone who wants our education and training systems to be a priority at EU level

Share our campaign by organising debates about the elections or simply by asking your MEP to support officially the Manifesto!

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