EUPiH: Learning Event 4 in San Sebastian (Spain)

EUPiH: Learning Event 4 in San Sebastian (Spain)

The fourth European Partnership in Hydroponics (EUPiH) learning event took place in San Sebastian (Spain) between the 8th and the 10th of November 2022 hosted by the project partner Tknika. The learning event focused on how to build a hydroponics lab.

Iñigo Araiztegui, Director of Internationalisation at Tknika, welcomed all partners and gave a presentation on what Tknika is and what the different working areas at the Basque VET Applied Research Centre are. Afterwards, Amaia Sastre (Tknika) introduced Biosciences, Sustainability and Circular Economy, followed by a visit to the Tknika facilities.

On the following days, partners had the opportunity to visit two agricultural schools – Fraisoro agricultural school and Derio agricultural school – located in the Basque Country, where not only they had the chance to learn about the different academic trainings they provide (for example, floristry, forestry and environmental management, or landscaping and rural environment), but also to visit their facilities and interact with teachers and students.

Moreover, partners visited two different hydroponics farming companies, each of them with a different level of technology used for their production and ways of working, but with high levels of effectiveness in both cases.

During this learning event, the partners of the EUPiH also discussed about the next steps of the project and set the dates for future meetings and events that will come. It was a great opportunity for all participants to learn more about hydroponics and keep strengthening the network and consolidate common insights for the European Partnership in Hydroponics.

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