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Euracademy Newsletter 2 – November 2006
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The Euracademy Observatory
The Euracademy Observatory pro-ject started in 2005 and will run until the end of September 2007.
The aim of the project is to exam-ine the policy and practice for ICT-supported continuing educational and training (CET) in the context of lifelong learning (which includes learning at work, skills acquisition, personal development) across the participating countries and in the European Union more generally.
An inventory of opportunities for unemployed or employed people will be created, with an emphasis on employees of SMEs and micro-enterprises, and the self-employed.
Such documentation will be col-lected through surveys, to include governmental organisations, policy makers, training providers and trainees, to provide a comprehen-sive picture of the supply and de-mand for ICT-supported CET in rural Europe.
The intention is to establish the Observatory on the Internet with the remit to continue its operations beyond the life of the project.

Partner countries involved:
Belgium, Germany, Greece, Poland, Hungary, UK, Finland and Spain.

The project findings will be presented at two trans-national conferences: in Athens in September 2006 and in Brussels in September 2007.

The project is funded by the Leonardo Da Vinci Programme.

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