EUROFFAD: Training modules for firefighters

On 10 November 2017, EUROFFAD (EUROpean Standards for Rescuing and FireFighting with Aerial Devices) funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme, had its first transnational project meeting in Luxembourg, was launched. of GFBA Gesellschaft für Brandschutzausbildung mbH (Germany)

The project “EUROFFAD” is part of the so-called key action 2 within the framework of Erasmus+. The strategic partnership contains of four project partners –, the administration of rescue services in Luxembourg, the state fire brigade school in Tyrol (Austria) and the Belgian zone de secours numéro 6. It aims to transfer, develop and implement training modules for firefighters, captains and instructors of aerial devices in the next three years as well as its translation into a European standard.

Aerial devices are the most complex rescue equipment of the fire brigades. “The primary purpose is the same everywhere – saving people’s life. Therefore, it will make sense, if there are training standards that can be used throughout Europe”, emphasised Nils Beneke, the project manager at

“The European standards developed by EUROFFAD should be easy to implement in existing teaching concepts”, says Paul Schroeder, director of the administration of Luxembourg’s rescue services. During the first transnational project meeting of the participating organizations, questions for the respective modules were discussed, which will be further examined in the context of the project. Guiding questions have been:

  • What training methods do we need to prepare firefighters efficiently for operations with aerial devices?
  • How can the continuing digitalization of the firefighter’s scene be used for the training and further education of firefighters’ forces?
  • What role do different resources play in the training of firefighters for aerial devices?

Gerhard Schöpf, Head of Training and Education at the Tyrol Fire Brigade Association in Austria, formulated clear expectations for the next three years: “A critical and professional exchange among experts should serve to prepare firefighters as realistically as possible for difficult missions.”

Major Holger Pip, Commander-in-Chief of the zone de secours numéro 6 in Belgium, even took a look into the future after EUROFFAD: “European training standards for firefighters on aerial devices can improve alarm availability, especially in the three country region of Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

Over the next three years, the modules for training will be developed by the four project partners and tested in practice for their suitability for practical use and translated into a European standard. This will take place as part of various events in the participating countries – Austria, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. of GFBA Gesellschaft für Brandschutzausbildung mbH is responsible for the overall project implementation of EUROFFAD. The team always looks for dedicated firefighters interested in training and education.

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