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The benefits of mobility and placements abroad in vocational education (such as those highlighted by the 2020 strategy) should be recognized as a priority throughout Europe. This concerns both policy makers and educational providers. Despite the increased attention and funding, only about 1% of all young people in VET joins a mobility project. If they do, they are only a short period of several weeks.  Mobility Europe Network is an initiative that focuses on encouraging young students to be more mobile. Also it focuses on promoting strategies, initiatives and instruments to create greater mobility including:

  • Europe Mobility Video Contest
  • International Community of Mobility Coordinators
  • Thematic committees workshops and webinars care

Europe Mobility Network focuses not only on mobility in vocational education, but also in informal and non-formal education and higher education.

The aim of the network is to boost the quantity and quality of internships in Europe and increase productivity by promoting interaction and cooperation between those responsible for mobility.
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In 2013 starts a new edition of the ‘Europe Mobility Video Contest’. Learners who have gone abroad, internships can their experiences in the form of a video or photo slideshow presentation and a chance to win € 500 or an iPad.
For more information, see website  or www.europemobility. TV

The brochure of the project can be downloaded here.

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