European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training – ECVET

The ECVET is a European initiative, allowing for the accumulation and transfer of credits gained through the recognition of learning outcomes in vocational education and training achievements in vocational education and training, informal, informal and non-formal learning. The ECVET was established by the initiative of the EU member states in cooperation with the European Commission. Every qualification in the ECVET system can be described by units of learning outcomes. It makes each qualification more understandable and more precisely defined which makes it easier to understand abroad, as well as in the particular Member courtiers. Students of secondary vocational schools can easily transfer from one educational institution to the other or from one education system to another. It would be easy for them to declare the learning outcomes they already achieved and build on them while studying elsewhere. Workers or job seekers are able to more easily transfer their qualifications, or their parts, between their employers, various sectors and as well as between the EU Member States. ECVET facilitates the transfer and recognition of learning outcomes achieved through formal, non-formal, as well as informal learning. EfVET and VET4EU2 are represented to the Working Group and User Group by Alfredo Garmendia.


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