For excellence in education six vocational business educators had their 5th transnational project meeting in Gorges, France on the 10th and 11th of May 2023.

This Erasmus+ KA2 project, European Digital Playground, started in Helsinki in January 2022. The project found its origin in the need of a number of EBBD colleges to find different ways to have their students work together in an international environment. For this the EDP project was set up: to develop a framework – and subsequently a handbook – to make it possible for students from different countries and nationalities to cooperate in a business simulation project.

In order to reach that goal, partners’ best practices were observed and analysed in various transnational meetings and from that a framework was developed to be tested during a physical LTT (learning, teaching, training) meeting in San Sebastian in October 2023. For that meeting 6 students from each of the respective countries will be selected and they will be working in international teams.

Two principal outlines for the meeting in Gorges were:

• Preparation of the LTT meeting in San Sebastian: logistic aspects, finalising the schedule, organising the teams.

• Improvement and work on the framework and its dissemination. The partners are finalising the framework developed in order to help the schools implement a business game into their business and entrepreneurial studies.

Lycée Charles Peguy, as the school host, has presented one of their practices, an entrepreneurship competition. The best practices presented in each meeting allow the schools to discuss, exchange opinions on it and find improvements or ideas for the framework and the next LTT meeting.

This last meeting was also the time for analysing the survey results of the last test made with a game online in February 2023.

Helsinki Business College from Finland coordinates this inventive project. The partners are Rijn Ijssel and Summa College from the Netherlands, Nazaret Fundazioa college from Spain, Lycée Charles Peguy from France and Skive College from Denmark.

All participants are accredited as EBBD colleges (European Business Behaviour and Democracy). This means that they must fulfil the excellence requirements of EBBD and their students can get the Certificate of Excellence. Presently there are 45 colleges in Europe and the network is growing. To learn more about EBBD please visit the Website.

We hope that our clear framework and practical handbook will encourage the educators to offer the gaming opportunity for their students.

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