The E-MOTIVE project aims to promote cooperation and mobility among higher VET centres to contribute to the objectives of the Erasmus+ programme and the EU2020 Strategy. More specifically, E-MOTIVE pursues the following objectives:

– Enhance European mobility of higher VET students, both virtual and physical in order to increase their employability and their future mobility once accessing the labour market.
– To develop transferable competences of higher VET students by working together with students from other centre located in a different country.
– Increase foreign language competences among higher VET students and teachers, specifically English, by working together with students from another country and different mother tongue.
– Improve the information available about study programmes and development of competences provided in different higher VET institutions by following common standards in the description of study programmes and facilitating the availability of information in order to increase and facilitate cooperation among higher VET institutions.

In order to do so, E-MOTIVE will follow two action lines:

– The first one will be the development of a methodology to be followed by the students and teachers participating in the project, and will set the principles of the cooperation among the VET centres involved and the implementation of that cooperation.
The second one will be the creation of an information system so higher VET institutions will follow a common standard for the description of their study programmes, their curricula in the European level following the EQF system and other European standards. This way transparency and comparison between VET systems across Europe will be easier.

During 2 years, E-MOTIVE will achieve the following results:

1. Tangible results
– Dissemination materials
– Methodological guidelines to set up cooperation between higher VET centres.
– A manual to be followed by higher VET students in the area of mechanical manufacturing design so they can carry out cooperation projects with students working in multi localised working environments.
– An on-line matrix to compare higher VET programmes across Europe.

2. Intangible results
– The upgrade of the skills of the teacher participating in the project
– The upgrade of the skills of the students participating in E-MOTIVE.
– The creation of alliances among higher VET centers
– The enhancement of the higher VET curricula of the higher VET centers participating in the project
– Cooperation between HVET centers and exchange of information
– Increased employability of VET students on the labour market
– Exchange of resources through mobility actions in the international network.

Coordinator: Heziketa Teknikoko Elkartea “ HETEL

Contact Details: Tamara Rodriguez –

Funding Agency: ERASMUS+ National Spanish Agency

Istituto Formazione Operatori Aziendali “ IFOA
European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training “ EfVET

Duration: 01.09.2015-01.09.2017

Project materials

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission

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