European network for better EU skills in VET providers

European network for better EU skills in VET providers -Euro4VET is a new Jean Monnet funded project (2023 – 2026), aimed at increasing the awareness of VET Teachers and VET students for the importance of EU citizenship, its benefits and impacts on citizens’ daily lives.

The Kick-off meeting (KoM) of this project, coordinated by INSIGNARE (Portugal), took place in Skopje (North Macedonia) between January 22nd and 24th.

Euro4VET partner, SABA, hosted this meeting that gathered all seven partners coming from the far west of Europe to Balkans and Turkey. Part of this consortium are VET centres, one university and EfVET, making it rich, diverse and inclusive.

Euro4VET KoM was an opportunity to consolidate the mutual knowledge of the partners in general, and of the project managers involved in particular. After the tour de table and and initial introductions, partners presented, discussed and improved the drafts of the main documents which will guide the implementation of the project’s activities:

  • The Project Management Handbook;
  • The Quality Assurance Framework;
  • The Dissemination Strategy, of which EfVET is responsible.

Based on the project’s Work Package leaders’ proposals, the discussion also offered the opportunity to start reflecting on the main goals and expectations on such a relevant topic: the pride of European citizenship and the skills related to that.

A reflection summarized in the choice of the logo, where two hands sustain and indicates the stars of the European Union: the future of the EU is in our hands!


Details about Euro4VET are available here.

More information about Euro4VET project’s initatives to become available soon

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