Coordinator: CSCS – Centro Studi ‘Cultura Sviluppo’

Project starts: on the 01.10.2011 – 30.09.2014


Europemobility – Raising Quantity and Quality of Work Placements in Europe

Since their introduction in 1987, European mobility programmes supporting work placements abroad have registered a constant but modest increase in the number of beneficiaries.
Still a low percentage of students from VET go abroad as part of their educational path.
The recent boost of allocated budget, from the European Commission within the LLL Programme as well as from certain member countries in northern Europe via national dedicated funding, is going to amplify the volume of exchanges but a multiplier effects is required if we are to achieve the objective of 80.000 VET students going abroad each year.
Europemobility Network aims at stimulating both the quality and quality of work placement abroad by establishing a pan European network of professionals, experts and mobility coordinators responsible for planning and accomplishing learning mobility initiatives.
The European Commission has financed three major research projects (2005-2007) to increase mobility in VET and, among them, the MoVe-iT initiative have been focusing on fostering: “the development of transnational mobility leading to qualifications as an integral element of vocational training pathways at European level, by identifying all the obstacles to such development and concrete solutions for overcoming them.”
Based on the results of these research initiatives, and on former TOI project, Europemobility Network stimulates both quantity and quality of mobility in VET, by promoting awareness on the obstacles as well as on the tools, methodologies and solutions available.

The main actions addressed by the project are:
– European network of mobility coordinators: identifying and further expanding existing networks in order to establish an International Community of Mobility Coordinators responsible for over 15.000 mobility initiatives per year
– Benchmarking on mobility: adapting benchmarks to the needs and characteristics of learning mobility in VET and work placements
– Quality labels for students and host companies: adoption of quality labels to reward and ensure visibility and pride to all beneficiaries taking part in learning mobility
– Online web 2.0 platform: identifying and promoting effective technological solutions to serve the needs of learning mobility coordinators
– Study on the impact of learning mobility: establish an observatory to trace the quality of learning mobility and measure the impact, via transnational comparative research, of learning mobility both on youngsters and on host companies
– Economic models to support learning mobility: identifying and disseminating positive measures and best practices on European Social Fund to couple EU funding schemes; identifying financial services and bank products to support learning mobility and cope with cash flow problems; promoting information of available funding schemes for mobility outside the EU programmes
– Awareness raising campaigns: identifying and promoting high visibility information campaigns effective to promote awareness on the opportunities and benefits of learning mobility among final beneficiaries; promoting an European Video Contest on Learning Mobility involving former mobility youngsters and students as Mobility Ambassadors
For further information on the obstacles and proposed solutions for mobility download the final MoVe-IT report, click here.

Europemobility Network – 2014 International Conference

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