Eurosuccess Consulting: Supporting Organic and Biodynamic Wine Production

Eurosuccess Consulting: Supporting Organic and Biodynamic Wine Production in the Modern Era

For the past years, the EU wine market has experienced a strong growth in demand and production for organic viticulture. To be considered competitive, it is vital for wine producers and farmers that they acquire the necessary skills and competences that meet current production and marketing challenges. Organic viticulture needs to be considered not only from a technical point of view, but also in all aspects of producers’ relationship with their customers and territories. Wine professionals are in great need of targeted training and information on organic farming that are focused on developing their competences and supporting their dynamic enter or professional advancement in the EU market.

Under this context, Eurosuccess Consulting participates in the Erasmus+ project “Fostering EU wine through a new era of specialised training for organic and biodynamic wine-producers in EU – WinEra”.

What is the WinEra project about?

The project seeks to enhance the competitiveness of European wineries and support organic viticulture in Europe, by integrating all aspects concerning the development of organic viticulture into a common curriculum. To achieve this, the WinEra project aims to provide transversal, multidisciplinary, and tailor-made training by introducing techniques and information about all aspects of organic viticulture (farming, production, marketing, communication, ethical matters). As a result, the project will develop the potential of farmers and winery owners for the production and promotion of organic and biodynamic wines.

Who can benefit from the WinEra project?

– Organic and Biodynamic wineries and farmers
– New entrepreneurs interested to invest in wine production
– Local agricultural cooperatives
– Relevant associations and authorities
– Organisations working with wineries and farmers (consultancy companies, associations, etc.)
– Professional trainers
– VET centres and providers
– Students and young people interested in organic farming

The consortium

The unique dimension of the WinEra project is ensured by a consortium of partner organisations from six European countries: France (CDE Petra Patrimonia, coordinator), Cyprus (Eurosuccess Consulting), Spain (University of Salamanca), Italy (GAL Molise), Bulgaria (DAKOM), and Croatia (Agroturist Vodnjan – Dignano).

Expected results

Within the following months of the project implementation, the WinEra partners will develop the following results:

1) An interactive learning pack consisting of four parts:
– Learning Model
– Training Course
– Manual for Trainers
– Guidebook on Certification of Organic & Biodynamic Wine

2) An e-learning platform containing training modules, interactive resources, case studies, video interviews, exercises, and reading materials.

The project is still ongoing, as partners are in the stage of completing the training materials and launching the e-learning platform, in which all project results will be freely accessible. Interested users can enroll in the online platform by following this link.

More activities, trainings, and events are coming, so stay tuned for more news about the WinEra project! To discover more, please contact us via email at or visit our corporate website or the project’s website

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