Autonomous Mobile Robots in industry 5.0

The 29th of February Politeknika Txorierri, a VET center from Spain, will be celebrating a webinar in order to share the ROMOTICS project. This project is called Autonomous Mobile Robots in industry 5.0 and it is funded by the European Comission and coordinated by Politeknika Txorierri. This webinar is for Teachers in Automation and Romotics. During the webinar we will share a Training Course we have developed to achieve the upskilling of Automation and Robotics students in Autonomous Mobile Robots and its aplication in industry 5.0. We will show how to register and access our Moodle platform and we will be sharing some real challenges so that students can learn in a practical way together with other students. During this school year we will be piloting the material and you are more than welcome to use it in your own centers and share with us your feedback for improvements. In case you have any doubts, we will be giving you full support and guidance to include the Trainnig Course and Challenges in your lessons.
The webinar is totally free to join as it is the access to the Training Course available in our Moodle platform. See the information of the project in the following link

-15:30 Romotics project
-15:40 How to access E-learning platform
-15:50 Training Course in Autonomous Mobile Robots
-16:20 Self Assesment tests for students
-16:30 Challenge based learning methodology
-16:45 Real challenges for students
-17:15 to 17:30 Questions and networking

Please, register in the following link to access the webinar here

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Feb 29 2024


3:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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