FemTalks Forum: Enabling women to acquire new skills

EfVET Member, MateraHub participates in the Erasmus+ project FemTalks Forum under which the organised a face to face training for trainers in Matera (Italy).

MateraHub (Italy)

FemTalks Forum aims to combine different training methodologies into a single highly blended learning programme for the development of female migrants. Enabling women to acquire new skills, strengthen their self-confidence and self-efficacy to then put into practice what they have learned using an innovative digital sharing platform. Using this learning programme, FemTalks Forum intends to help female migrants increase their employability and social inclusion and provide them with additional advice for further development.

In the working session held in Matera, organised by Materahub and Reteteatro41 from 11 to 15 December 2019, the FemTalks project partners had an important meeting and faced the phase of training for trainers.

It was a process of facilitating and passing methodologies between trainers to essentially share the methodological approaches that will facilitate the work with migrant women foreseen for the next pilot of the project.

Empowerment, listening, facilitation, storytelling were the keywords that often emerged during the training conducted with the techniques of the Theater of the Oppressed by Interact’s partner; facilitation with Artemisszió, debriefing and digital storytelling work conducted by Elan’s partners, and finally the sharing of the methodology of Inova of the Mentoring Circles.

Different approaches that will be used by operators, by aiming at a complex, stratified, positive story in the next working sessions, aimed at the production of a new narrative of migrant women towards an idea of Europe of innovation and development.


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