FIELDS: Sustainability, Digitalisation, Bioeconomy in Agri-Food and Forestry

The FIELDS project is ending after 4 years of work focused on closing skill gaps in the agri-food and forestry sectors. The FIELDS project, supported by Erasmus+ EU, is dedicated to addressing the current and future skill needs for sustainability, digitalization, bioeconomy and soft skills & entrepreneurship in agriculture. European agriculture is facing many challenges, the Food 2030 policy highlights the vulnerability of agri-production due to the globalisation of the markets, increasing competition, the prices volatility and the economic uncertainty along with the low incremental crop productivity. Those vulnerabilities are stressed by increasing demand for food and feed while environmental concerns and climatic changes generate more uncertainties. Moving from business-as-usual agriculture to sustainable farming is a complex process which requires a system approach, including reshaping the role of the farmer.

Fields training program is designed to meet the needs of farmers, food industry staff, foresters, advisors, educators and students. Whether you’re looking to explore innovations in the bioeconomy, understand sustainable practices, embrace digital advancements, or develop essential soft skills, FIELDS has something for you. Join here & explore the free training material developed by FIELDS.

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