The Final Round of the #GenerationFP event organised by our member FPempresa Málaga

The Final Round of the #GenerationFP event organised by our member FPempresa Málaga.

Last December, the #FinalRound of the #GenerationFP project took place in the Peace Palace of Fuengirola. The event was attended by more than 250 people, who could enjoy the 6 finalist projects that our 26 brave F P – PROS presented to the jury, family, friends and colleagues.

Demonstration of talent applied to the Entrepreneurship, translated into six business models innovators, have been wonderful students of vocational training of the Institutes Los Boliches and Miguel Romero Esteo.

The event, presented for Juan Antonio Aguilar (Project Coordinator), began with the institutional presentation of the gala and the intervention of the two directors of both IES Romero Esteo and IES Los Boliches organising centers.

He then spoke on behalf of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Málaga Félix Infante.

Then our emcee and coordinator of the project Daniel Salobreña, CEO of Diverxia Consulting, explained or development of the project and the magnificent results obtained.

Once, detailed s the magnificent results the time of truth arrived and the presentations of the 6 business models began:

History Room: a business model focused do in energising the course of history. That is, teach history in a fun and practical way. With the creation of a Scape Room with the History teaching units.

Discovery Tours: a cultural and tourism business model based on the concentration of tourist packages giving a personalised service to it.

Higeia: a healthcare business model or one whose main function is to prevent the spread of STDs, with an innovative disease detection technique with wipes that react their pigments when they come in contact with the disease strain.

Care pets: a business model for the care and walk of all types of pets. Its innovation is that it is an app that includes all types of pets and not only dogs and cats like most of the competition.

Be influencer: a revolutionary business model, an existing need among our young people today. It is an Influencer training centre. Is the third employment trend among our youth.

Tryon: a business model innovates do that will revolutionise retail and trade especially children’s clothing stores. It is based on the use of an app to test clothes for children virtually. It is certainly a project that will mark a before and after in the purchase of many parents.

Finally arrived or the time of awards. First is delivering on the diploma as finalists for the first #GenerationFP and different gifts that Foundation Unicaja provided to all students. Then. came the moment of the awards ceremony, leaving the following business models in the top 3:

Third, I have Care pets

Second, I remain Higeia

First, as the winner of the first #GenerationFP, was Tryon Kids

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