Foundations for Work


Coordinator of the Project: DiversityWorks (UK)

Contact Details: Mr James Mage

Duration: 01.10.2012 – 30.09.2014

The aim of Foundation for Work is to increase the basic competences of young immigrants in order to allow them to improve their job prospects and benefit from mainstream training in their host country.
To do so, the project’s consortium will:
• produce and disseminate a needs analysis and a best practice training report for this group;
• generate a multimedia DVD and resource pack for VET teachers for classroom or one-to-one use and thoroughly testing it with both immigrants and trainers;
• widely disseminate the results with VET and immigrant service stakeholders through high-profile events and focused communications, and identifying viable exploitation strategies, including mapping the route to accreditation, to ensure high take up in the short and long term.
FfW transfers the innovation enshrined in the existing FfW course developed by Diversity Works for use with disadvantaged youths to a new target group (young migrant workers) and with a new delivery method (multimedia DVD.)
As a result of the project, voluntary immigrant service and VET organizations will have a methodology and resource pack for use with young underachieving migrants. High uptake will be ensured by a charismatic marketing and exploitation campaign. In the longer term, through increased skills, adaptability and insertion into higher quality jobs, immigrants will have more opportunities to fulfil their potential in the labour market and benefit from mainstream training, as well as greater personal growth and social integration. Secondly, through links to policy makers and practitioners in VET and voluntary organizations throughout the project, these sectors will be more attuned to the changing needs of this group and better motivated and equipped to provide ongoing services at the appropriate level.
FfW’s strength lies in its “back-to-basics” approach and the way in which the innovation of the existing resources will be combined with a rigorous methodology and the experience of 7 project partners, including 5 social organizations and 2 dedicated VET organizations, from 6 countries most affected by migration.


Fundacion Laboral del Metal (Spain)
Folkuniversitetet Kursverksamheten vid Lunds Universitetet (Sweden)
Canice Consulting (UK)
Doras Luimni (Ireland)
European Forum for Vocational Education and Training (Belgium)

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