Frans Schneider

Frans Schneider was Treasurer of EFVET during the period 1993-2009. As principle of the Randstedelijk Opleidingen Centrum Amsterdam, he joined EFVET in the year 1992.

He already hold the function as a treasure of EVET in this early stadium. This function made him a member of the executive team. He also acted as chairman of the Dutch National Body. As such he represented The Netherlands in the Steering Committee.

In 1997 this double function took too much time. He handed over the function as Dutch representative to Adriaan Vrienten.

In the early EFVET years he had to deal with a very limited budget but he managed well. Later on the financial means increased because of the start of projects.

As a treasurer,  he participated in the organisation of the yearly conferences in the different member countries. He was an excellent negotiator. He also represented EFVET in different international associations like the Association of Canadian Community College and other.

Frans Schneider was a man of great merit for EFVET.

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