Freestyle on the job Montessori learning


Coordinator: Margriet Nieuwenkamp


Starting / Ending Date: 01-11-2011 / 31-10-2013

Summary: Within the European educational field the Maria Montessori method is well known, but untill today it is used with the target group of 4-16 year olds. FROJOL wants to use the basic principles of this method with a new target group, age 16+. As consortium we will focus on future and existing students in traditional VET, as each 16+ student more or less has his own lifelong learning experiences. Meanwhile we are also aiming at a second chance group of learners that should be challenged in a (job)surrounding that triggers to gain experience and learn. And a target group fearing failures and not entering VET, may be reached by the project, because they could be offered personal and reachable goals within the curricula. Target group Teachers from several sectors of VET institutes are the direct target group in the FROJOL project. We aim to: Design a new learning methodology for a new target group without the use of starting specific Montessori schools for VET Train the trainers in blended learning Pilot the method in on-the-job learning like an internship or stage Valorise the outcomes through strong local, regional, national and international networks The consortium aims to address the new learning method (also) to groups at risk. Our project contributes to the European priority ‘to support to initial and continuous training of VET teachers, trainers, tutors and VET institutions’. And as this project is applied for in the Netherlands we also contribute to national priorities like innovating continuous education by implementing concrete and innovative ways for training in the workplace for (future)employees and further further professionalisation of teachers in I-VET. Why Europe Combining the transnational knowledge from our different institutes and countries enables us effective organisational learning and the opportunity to disseminate our knowledge widely to the target groups and beneficiaries. Thanks to the decision to exploit the method through e-learning components VET teachers and trainers from all over Europe can participate. This project therefore has a high potential role in facilitating interactions between European institutions because of the use of social media as dissemination tools. European partners in and outside the consortium will have the opportunity to transfer the knowledge on this from the Netherlands to their countries. Development of a common strategy with fine tuning on specific regions for the use of this innovative methodology for lifelong learning. What impact do we expect? FROJOL will provide in a new method for on the job learning, offering the possibility of attacking the percentage of not qualified youth and early school leavers. An international report, comparing National qualifications, might also open possibilities for partnerships with study mobility on VET level within the consortium countries, which also is important for the Netherlands, as students can already use study mobility in the Netherlands.

Founding Agency: National Agency NL

Partners: Landstede NL, Associazione Lingua Piu IT, Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri ES, RESEAU ASSOCIATIF EDUCATION ET CULTURE FR, Centrum Kształcenia Ustawicznego w Sopocie PL, GEFAS AT

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