Freestyle Montessori On the Job Learning (FROJOL)enters its final stage. FROJOL is carried out by six partners from six different European countries which are Austria, France, Italy, Poland, The Netherlands and Spain. The partners had their 4th meeting in Bordeaux last month, May 2013. At this meeting the board discussed the several outcomes of the project, the piloting of those and agreed on the important steps to be taken from now on especially regarding dissemination and exploitation of the project.
The representative of the participating countries discussed in-depth on the completed products of this project . Those are: National Reports on Montessori in six European countries (partners’ countries), an International Report on Montessori Education in six EU countries, a New Learning Methodology “Montessori in VET” which is set up in two parts named A and B.

Part A is the Theoretical Approach giving insight on the legacy of Maria Montessori and her approach, comparing the use of Montessori methodology in secondary and adult training in order to display a way of applying this in VET. Part A is called the Practical Guide which providing hands-on material to teachers, in-company trainers and all who are interested in a more challenging individual approach of students, employees, trainees, learners in general.

The piloting of the New Learning Methodology had been successfully executed in Spain and The Netherlands. The partners talked about the new input received by the users (teachers, in- company trainers and students) and agreed on certain matters to further improve and complete the materials on “Montessori in VET”.
Feedback was given on the topics of Dissemination and Exploitation so as for participating countries to reach the most possible for FROJOL. The board is determined to spread this new approach as far as possible. It is a method easily to be used next to the one already offered. It is experienced as a positive approach to the learner. This student feels engaged to carry out and succeed in his own input of an assignment. All outcomes, input as result of piloting, activities on dissemination and exploitation have been fine-tuned at this 4th meeting in Bordeaux. At the final meeting, which will be held in The Netherlands in September 2013, partners will further finalize the project.
FROJOL: innovative and engaging for teachers, trainers and trainees.

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