“From Past to Future” project helps to improve the quality of teaching

Nordplus Adult project “From Past to Future” helps to improve the quality of teaching

Homemade rye bread, herring with dried boletus, fish by fisherman’s wife, rabbit stewed in apple juice… If you want to taste these and more attractive dishes please click this link. Here you will find the final products of the Nordplus Adult programme project “From Past to Future” that was implemented by Marijampole VET Centre (Lithuania).

The idea of the project was to research old eating habits, traditions and methods of making healthy food of three Baltic countries, revive them into modern life and make use of them. The international project team (University of the Third Age, Lithuania, organisation “Ecological Future Education”, Latvia, Raahe Vocational School from Finland and Marijampole VET centre) researched how ancient inhabitants of their countries made food from the simplest products by tanning and fermenting herbs, cabbages, beetroots, fish etc.

The project teams collected and renewed recipes of making these products, created the Training package about eating habits and traditions in ancient Lithuania, Latvia and Finland, methods used to preserve food, ecological products made from vegetables, herbs, fruit, fish, meat, culinary heritage examples. As there are many questionnaires, assignments for learners, other methodical elements the training package was tested with adult and vocational learners. The project material helped to improve the quality of teaching of catering students. If you are interested in the material, please click this link.

During implementation of the project teams had many education events, like seminars, meetings with the experts, visiting places that produce ecological food. They deepened their knowledge about healthy food, learnt that old things may be very modern. The result of the project – the electronic recipe book and training package – may be used for adults’ learning about food making, for the catering speciality in vocational schools, but it is possible to use for anybody interested in the ecologic way of like and healthy living style.

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