GIGGIN’ POLICY Partners collaborate and meet in Barcelona

GIGGIN? The term ‘Giggin’ is also known as ‘Freelancer. In this form of working, self-employed people do not sign a permanent employment contract, their work is carried out from assignment to assignment, from gig to gig. A form of entrepreneurship suited to the rapidly changing labour market and one that appeals to many young people.

Together with partners and students from Northern Ireland, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands and Lithuania, Friesland College is working on developing policies to raise awareness of the effects of the gig economy on young people. We are doing this in a 3-year international Erasmus+ project. Young people are the source of this future economy and they are therefore in this project also in the ‘lead’ in designing future strategies and policies for the regions involved. Each partner brought 2 local stakeholders and they shared their acquired knowledge and experience from 8 to 10 November in Barcelona.

During this 2-day project meeting, we further interacted with young people at a local vocational school, held a panel discussion at the BIZ Barcelona entrepreneurship fair and jointly engaged with all participants to discover as many opportunities and connections as possible. All the outcomes of this visit take us another step further towards the ultimate goal of raising awareness among students and developing regional policies on this topic in a way that protects this vulnerable form of entrepreneurship.

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