Giorgos Giorgakis

Giorgos Giorgakis is the founder and Managing Director of Eurosuccess Consulting. He has graduated from the European University of Cyprus, with a Master Degree (MBA) in Business Administration in July 2008. He has developed, managed and implemented more than 85 EU and National (FP, LLP, JUSTICE, ERASMUS+ etc.) projects since 2006. He has also developed various applications regarding both EU and National funding schemes, for SMEs and physical entities so as to create and develop their business’ operations or innovative ideas and bring them to life.

In addition, he has been actively involved in preparing and implementing public tenders especially in regards to HR Development, Management and Consulting. Lastly, he has been evaluator for the last years, regarding the evaluation of various proposals under the programs of Lifelong Learning, Erasmus+ and EEA and Norway Grants.

Mr Giorgakis is also the Coordinator of the VET and training activities for Eurosuccess, which is accredited as VET Center by the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus – the relevant public authority as regards to training and education.

As regards to the participation of professional bodies and associations at EU level, Mr Giorgakis is the National Representative for Cyprus, at  European Forum of Vocational Education and Training (EfVET). Under this capacity, Mr Giorgakis is actively participating into various working groups, trainings, events and conferences contributing in this way to the development of the EU strategies as well as supporting all relevant organisations, in Cyprus and abroad.

Since 2006, he has been participating in various training programs, in Cyprus and abroad, covering a wide spectrum of thematic areas.

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