Good Practice for media literacy

The Empower project is designed to significantly improve the ability of young people to critically assess their engagement with digital & social media and to make responsible choices about how they wish to consume and share online.

The second meeting called by the partnership was organised in Carrick on Shannon (Ireland)

In recent few months, EMPOWER partners has focused on Good Practice for media literacy and critical thinking in Vocational Education Training.

  • For example: “National Swedish for Education” runs, supports, monitors and evaluates the work of municipalities and schools with the aim of improving the quality and results of the internet activities.
  • In many European countries the state media council is an authority with task of working to straighten children and young people as media users and protect them from harmful influences, by increasing children’s and youth’s media and information skills.

During the meeting the Momentum Marketing Service Limited presented some teaching tools such as Diigo, Kahoot and Nearpod). In particular, Kahoot could be useful for the practical lessons, partners tested Kahoot as if they were in a real classroom.

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