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( 2016-1-ES01-KA202-024934)


Currently, more than a million citizens in the European Union are aged between 55 and 80 years, representing about 25% of the total population. This change in demographics is increasing tourism demand which opens new and emerging markets. Recessions tend to hit younger workers harder than older. Indeed, EU youth unemployment is 24%, twice as high as the adult jobless rate. Nowadays, self-employment is often seen as a way out of unemployment. Many young people embark on entrepreneurship, with varying degrees of success. DG Enterprise and Industry (DG-ENTR) in 2012-2013 built a comprehensive picture of Accessible Tourism in the European Union. This research convinced the partners that there was an enormous potential to grow the market in Accessible Tourism, giving much-needed work to young people, providing new business opportunities to new and existing entrepreneurs.

Main Objectives:

  1. To deliver accessibility training
  2. A modular entrepreneurial course for new or business growth in accessible tourism, including social enterprise (e-learning)
  3. A short course on accessibility awareness which can be embedded into tourism and hospitality curriculum; also available to any charity or NGO
  4. To open up the out-of-season market, in particular for elders
  5. To create cooperation between education, businesses, NGOs, social enterprises, charities and similar to raise awareness of accessibility and ensure that accessibility remains a prime interest
  6. To create business care for accessible tourism
  7. To raise the profile of accessibility, via local, regional, national and pan-European networks; to find “champions” (ambassadors); creating an online network/forum; creating an evaluation product, AccAdvisor (an app similar to Trip Advisor relating to accessibility reviews).

Expected Results: 

  • Champions of accessibility, using the online network/forum
  • Integration of new practices, in particular in hospitality and tourism
  • A standard module for accessibility in hospitality and tourism curriculum which could be applied anywhere in Europe
  • An EU certificate as standard; an individual with this certificate should be regarded as an asset by their or potential employer
  • Awareness raised across all partners, their colleagues, teachers, other learners; training courses will be marketed. Learners on all of 3 modules – tourism and hospitality students, entrepreneurial courses, accessibility awareness seminars and workshops
  • People will be trained in accessibility; added to equality and diversity curriculum for all training providers
  • Entrepreneurs opening new markets; economic development for the city, area, region
  • Creation of a new market thanks older people who travel out-of-season
  • Modular course created and open online access at various levels, to the several modules
  • Online network/forum created
  • Quality mark and label; visibility and start of usage; to be continued as a sustainable output
  • Confidence raised by AccAdvisor, app which provides fair information and evaluation
  • Customer and service curriculum adapted to include accessibility awareness
  • Economic sector increased to include Accessible Tourism
  • Acc Advisor, Quality Review system
  • App (web and/or mobile)

Coordinator: Centro de Formacion de Administracion y Hosteleria S.L., CDEA

Contact Details:


  • Errotu Taldea S.L.P, SP
  •, GR
  • Learning South West, UK
  • AgeUK Bath & North East Somerset, UK
  • Srednja sola za gostinstvo in turizem Maribor, SI
  • T2 Consulting Limited, UK
  • EfVET, BE

Duration: 01.12.2016-31.03.2019


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