Guidelines for Formative Monitoring and Assessment of learning outcomes

Collection of Methods for Monitoring and Assessment the learning outcomes – Developed in frame of Team2Share project

Team2Share aims to support the acquisition of key competencies, including basic skills for all, by developing and transferring innovative learning methods for low-skilled adults, including but not limited to vulnerable groups.

The project was developed in the context in which almost three-quarters of the EU population has at least a qualification in upper secondary education, but basic literacy and numeracy skills are not a matter of course. In 2017, about 61 million adults aged 25 to 64 had ceased formal education before completing upper secondary education.

The Team2Share project development Guidelines for Formative Monitoring and Assessment of learning outcome. This last results of the project a Monitoring Tools, is now available on the website of project.

The unit of analysis in progress monitoring is the training method, not individual trainees. It is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of the training, respectively the new “team-oriented learning in interactive working groups” methodology.

This evaluation can be achieved through traditional tools such as periodic tests for satisfaction, classroom observations or trainer portfolios. Also, progress monitoring can be done through digital tools that allow real-time data collection and analysis.

For the assesment process the traditional methods must be, for shure, adapted to the Team2Share target group -learners or trainees and especially of low-skilled or low-qualified adults.

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