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Healthy Social Media Project launches focus groups questions

This project is born to empower young people to critical assess social media and interact more responsibly online, in a way that safeguards their own wellbeing as well as actively contributing to that of others and society in general. However, social media has come at a price, and due to the scale and complexity of media outlets, and the fact that adults grew up in a pre-digital world: there is an obvious deficiency in support and assistance for children to use media wisely and safety.

Focus group


We have started our focus groups so you download a few documents.

The reason behind this research is to find out about social media and how it is affecting teenagers in today’s world. We need your input and want you to share your honest and open thoughts with us.
  • Defining Digital Citizenship
  • Privacy, Security & Safety
  • Propaganda & Radicalisation
  • Self Image & Identity & Social Relationships
  • Digital Footprint and Reputation
  • Digital Drama/Conflict

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