Healthy Social Media training youth workers

In February and March 2018, Healthy Social Media team has trained more than 15 youth workers/informal educators from non-profit youth services and community development organizations. They have participated in the pilot test learning activity that has taught them how to deliver the Healthy Social Media for Digital Empowerment course and Open Educational Resources to the young people they work with.

The youth workers/informal educators and our consortium has also carried out learning activity with a group of 15 young people in each country (more than 60 in total). Their comments and critiques will be used to further improve the resources.

About Healthy Social Media project

HOME project is to empower young people to critically assess social media and interact more responsibly online, in a way that safeguards their own wellbeing as well as actively contributing to that of others and society in general. Young people lead a digital life, using the internet and especially social media to explore, connect, create and learn in ways never before imagined. However, social media is a double-edged sword and new young people are increasingly exposed too online behaviours that erode their confidence, interpersonal relations: online peer pressure and abuse, the search for aesthetic perfection, the over-sharing of personal information, the ͚echo chamber” effect and risks of radicalization all pose serious risk to the development of positive, confident, active young citizens.

Martina Robnik – Society SPES, Slovenia

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