How do we measure ROI from VET mobility?

On 21st February the “ROI-MOB – Measuring Return on Investment from European EuropeanVET Mobility” multiplier event took place in Lisbon (Portugal). The event was organised by the project partner EUROYOUTH, and counted with the presentations of project coordinator Luca Boetti (IFOA), Luggi Fabbris (University of Padua) and Celina Santos (EUROYOUTH).

The main goal of the event was to introduce the preliminary results of ROI-MOB research and the indicator which will support all mobility participants to measure the ROI.

The project coordinator Luca Boetti, stressed the importance of listening to students’ mobility experiences and highlighting the lot of work that is behind that mobility. EUROYOUTH gather students’ experiences aboard which were introduce to the audience.

ROI-MOB is building a measuring system of Return of Investment VET European Mobility. In order to find the right indicator, the partnership has:
1. Interview the key actors of mobility (Participants, schools, companies, mobility agencies).
2. Define the indicator

The ultimate goal is to deliver better mobility in the future. Luca Boetti stated that we need to care about all the stakeholders involved; we do our best to deliver a useful opportunity for their future and indeed we are not only sending or hosting students, but we are also caring about them and about their future and labour possibilities. In nutshell, we need to work all together to reach the ultimate goal.

The ROI-MOB indicator

Professor Luigi Fabbris introduce to the audience the preliminary results of the ROI-MOB indicator. The indicator will quantify the ROI of mobility and will support to improve the quality of mobility. The indicator is based on the replies from the participants, schools, and companies who took part in the surveys phase.

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