HUMAN RIGHTS AND GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP – The story of humanity itself

Human Rights and Global Citizenship

The story of humanity itself


The term right refers to things that it is permissible to do, be or have. Many people know something about some rights but not about others, and when people are not familiar with human rights, discrimination, intolerance, injustice and oppression emerge.

Global Citizenship supports a new model of citizenship based on full awareness of the inherent dignity of every human being, on his belonging to a local and global community and on an active commitment to obtain a more just and sustainable world. The proposal of Global Citizenship Education aspires to integrate education for development and human rights, education for sustainable development, peace, interculturality and gender into a coherent vision, observing the interdependence between human beings.

The course addresses the following topics:
• training contexts
• global citizenship education in schools
• the skills of the trainer
• the relationship with teachers and the diversity of roles

The course is open to anyone aspiring to obtain training in global citizenship education, and also provides an overview of some intervention tools and fundamental theoretical aspects.

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