Importance of lifelong learning and professional development of educators

Importance of lifelong learning and continuous professional development of educators – online training possibilities with Erasmus+ program during pandemic 

Continuous professional development strengthens self-motivation and self-confidence. In simple words, Lifelong learning – formal or informal – is a prerequisite for success at personal and professional domains, alike. This is the reason why Erasmus+ is for so many years one of the most important programmes, when it comes to the professional and personal development of all educators. 

It is without a doubt, that physical mobilities through Erasmus+ programme have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Having professional development on pause until we “get back to normal” was not an option; we had to adapt and find new ways of developing and improving skills of our Educators across Europe. 

At ShipCon, one of the biggest training providers of classroom-based courses in Europe, year 2020 was a year full of challenges as well; however, challenging times demand resilience, hard work, commitment and adaptability. And these were the core values in which ShipCon team relied on to turn 2020 in one of the most productive years ever, a year in which ShipCon staff worked painstakingly to develop a series of online courses of unparalleled quality, delivered by world reputable experts. ShipCon online Academy was born! 

These online courses, self-paced (asynchronous) or live (synchronous) offer a great opportunity for educators to acquire new knowledge & expertise in highly specialised areas that range from Project Management for EU funded projects to Special Educational Needs & Autism. 

At ShipCon, we strongly believe in “Transformative & Innovative Education”, a motto we use often to emphasize the importance of education & training in someone’s life. 

  • Online training themes: 
  • Project Management Integration Through Education 
  • ICT Tools 
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • English for Educators Secure EU funding 
  • Special Educational Needs 
  • Mental Health and Well Being 
  • …and more! ➡ 


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