Improving adult education with the help of Erasmus+ mobility

Improving adult education with the help of Erasmus+ mobility 

Since 2017, Craft College has started working with migrants and later with asylum seekers. The beginnings of working with migrants showed us all the problems and challenges that employees and teachers had not encountered before – other cultures, other languages, very poor knowledge of English, different ways of thinking, communicating, learning and reacting. Employees and teachers started teaching Croatian as a non-native language in adult education for the first time. All of this had an impact on teaching, its dynamics, learning outcomes, group dynamics, but also the condition of the teachers themselves, faced with major changes that disrupted the “traditional” and established teaching. Through work experience, but mostly through Erasmus+ KA2 projects concerning people from other cultural backgrounds and through previous mobilites, Craft College has determined the need to improve teaching methods, intercultural approach and language as a means of communication. Therefore, we successfully applied and implemented the Erasmus+ KA1 project “Strengthening the capacity of the College through gamification, development of didactic and transversal skills – TRANS GAME”. Despite Covid19 and travel delays, we managed to participate in all planned structured courses and job shadowing. A total of 8 employees of the College participated in education about emotional intelligence, gamification, multicultural classrooms and teaching a language other than the mother tongue through formal and informal courses. 

In the partner institution for adult education Simey in Iceland, in May 2022, two employees had the opportunity through job shadowing to gain insights and acquire new competencies in the field of successful integration of people with a migrant background into the labour market through the adoption of Icelandic as a non-native language based on the evaluation of the previous learning and motivating students at the workplace. 

In June 2022, two employees in the course “Blended Learning: Connecting Remote and Face-to-Face Teaching” organised by the Europass Teacher Academy in Verona gained practical knowledge of how blended learning can help students develop competencies such as autonomy, solving problems, critical thinking, and a sense of self-efficacy by applying activities that effectively integrate distance learning and live learning, i.e. “traditional” and technological resources. 

The course “Emotional Intelligence: identify, harness & manage emotions” organised by ShipCon Limassol in Palermo strengthened the competencies of two employees in the field of emotional intelligence in adults, the role of emotions in motivation and achieving goals, as well as methods for effectively dealing with stress. 

Finally, in February 2023, two employees participated in the “Approaching Multicultural Issues and Mixes Ability Classes” course organised by the International Training Center in Prague (Czech Republic) on the topic of an inclusive, active and open educational environment and topics related to diversity and social needs that have appeared in the classroom of the 21st century. 

All participants shared their new knowledge and skills, as well as adopted methods and tools, with their colleagues in Craft College, as well as with partner organisations, in order to strengthen the role of the College and successfully conduct classes and courses with our participants. 

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