Improving Safety for Electricians

Safety4el project seeks to remove barriers by developing training modules and in association with employer organizations and union seek to influence policy makers to work towards a recognized European certificate.

Scaffolding Guidebook
The “Scaffolding Guidebook” describes how to use the Safety4el materials in a CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Lesson) context. Using CLIL and scaffolding can help non-native learners better work with abstract issues.
The case is based on the participants watching a video where they’ll point out all the work environment issues they observe during the video. The safety and work environment issues demonstrated in video are:

  • Disorder at work
  • Protective equipment for eyes and ears
  • Disorder on the workbench / workplace
  • Flammable liquids (lighter fluid, detergents, etc.) in the workplace
  • Flammable materials (cardboard, paper, etc.) in the workplace
  • Use of work equipment (angle grinder) without personal protective equipment (safety gloves)
  • Use of work equipment (angle grinder) without personal protective equipment (safety goggles)
  • Use of work equipment (angle grinder) without personal protective equipment (hearing protection)
  • Technical aid (angle grinder) without guard and handle

Website translation
The project teams have now prepared the website areas so all main pages are available in Danish, English, Greek, Maltese, and Spanish. The website automatically switches to Danish, English, Greek, Maltese, and Spanish when a visitor is using a web browser installed in one of those languages (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Crome etc.)

Multiplier event in UK

Victoria Pyke
Bridgwater & Taunton College (UK)

On Friday 1st September the multiplier event for Safety4El was held at a local business in Bridgwater, UK.
This was an exciting event for the Team to speak to employers and their employees about the importance of the safety at work for Electricians.

The Team managed to speak to over 20 people about the project with them all keen to provide feedback on the course materials. The free cake also went down well!

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