Insignare new projects' update: meetings and trainings

Insignare new projects’ update: meetings and trainings

Project “INTENT 4.0 – Interdisciplinary Teaching and Training” – New meeting

On the 28th of January 2021, Erasmus + “INTENT 4.0 – Interdisciplinary Teaching and Training” project partners, coming from Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Czech Republic, met virtually to discuss the work done so far and prepare for the coming months.

The initial planning of the project was reprogrammed, given its necessary extension caused by the pandemic. The new model of the training week for technical teachers, called Summer School, was debated and approved. Focusing on Interdisciplinary VET Teaching and Training During, during that week three modules will be taught:

1) Interdisciplinary cooperation between two VET Schools, a Technical one and a Business & Administration one, along a supply chain, developed by German and Czech partners;

2) From product design to marketing – working in digitalised supply chains, by Portuguese and Italian partners;

3) Logistics and/or cooperation with companies, by Spanish and Czech partners.

Partners also appointed the first face-to-face meeting since the beginning of the pandemic, provisionally scheduled for Portugal, next June.

More information can be asked to the project’s coordinator, Mrs. Folene Nannen-Gethmann, at

Project “MOBILITEACH: In-depth sectoral specialisation of VET teachers” develops training week

From 14 to 17 December 2020, the first edition of the online training week for this project, supported by Erasmus +, took place with more than 25 teachers from Albania, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, and Portugal.

Each day was dedicated to different themes. Thus, on the first day, subordinated to the “Exploration of interdisciplinary didactics”, there were lectures dedicated to the connection between Neuroscience and Food, and Sustainability and Technologies. The second day was entirely dedicated to Machine Learning, where we saw how we can “teach” our computer to be educationally efficient. The third and fourth days were devoted to the new Erasmus 2021-2027 Programme, Project Management and the Logical Structuring Approach.

On 21 January 2021, another project meeting was held, where representatives of each partner analysed the evaluation report of this event, where the enormous degree of satisfaction and positive impacts for the participants were verified and for their schools. Other issues related to the management of the partnership itself were also addressed.

More details about this week and the project can be found at

 “Universal Values of Human Dignity” project partners met virtually

The partners of this project, supported by Erasmus +, are schools from Spain, Italy, Romania, and Turkey, in addition to INSIGNARE / Fátima Hospitality School.

They met online on 28 January 2021, to plan, as far as possible, the first mobilities, which, if the pandemic slows down, could take place in April / May and in September / October. Until then, an online meeting of students from all schools is scheduled for the end of February.

The project’s website and blog are already available at

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